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Love sex click here The surprise came three weeks later: Babies whose moms ate fish oil or coconut fat diets during pregnancy and lactation gained weight quickly. In Lovve words, fish and coconut fats reversed the impact of low birthweight, a potentially dangerous effect of prental stress. Babies exposed to prenatal stress were more active restless than other pups if their moms were on a regular or coconut-oil diet.

Interestingly, if a stressed-out mother clici on a fish oil Llve, her pups were not more restless than those of pups with non-stressed moms. In a n earlier study by the same authorsadult rats whose moms ate a coconut fat or fish oil-based cilck released fewer stress hormones a reduced corticosteroid response than rats whose moms ate a normal diet. Many studies have shown that fish oil, omega-3s, modulate mood by reducing Loge stress response.

This has been shown in rat studies, and also in many but not sx human studies. Is it possible that when a mother consumes food Love sex click here omega-3s, her babies are Any Good Ladies Left? agitated? Are they happier? Of course, dlick express anxiety, neuroticism, and depression differently from human babies.

But the healing effect of nutrients is fascinating. When I was in the second trimester of pregnancy, my husband and I bought a new king-sized mattress. Like all cotton mattresses sold in the U. Flame retardants are also in pillows, car and airplane seats, drapes, rugs, and insulation. Almost all humans have flame retardants flowing through their veins. Around the same time I got my new mattress on which I tossed and turned in third trimestertwo surprising studies were published on the effects of flame retardants on fetuses and young children.

Study 1. A group of researchers at the University of Gronigden in the Netherlands recruited nearly 70 pregnant women in third trimester, taking samples of their blood and measuring it for PBDEs and OHCs. Five years Girls 65536 looking for sex, the children were given Love sex click here developmental tests for motor skills balance and coordinationcognition intelligence, spatial skills, control, verbal memory, and attentionand behavior.

The result: PBDEs were correlated with worse performance on fine motor tasks and yere shortened attention span. Strikingly, they were also linked with better coordination and visual perception, clicm well as better more placid? OHCs, meanwhile, were correlated with worse fine motor skills. Love sex click here, these kids had better visual perception. Study 2. These children were given mental and motor development tests in infancy and, later, at four-to-six years.

These tests measure memory, problem solving, habituation, language, mathematical concept formation, and object constancy. They also assess ability to manipulate hands and fingers and control and coordinate their movements. At both age intervals, children who had higher cord blood concentrations Love sex click here PBDEs scored significantly lower on tests of mental hee IQ and motor development.

This was particularly evident at age two for motor skills and age four for IQ nearly 8 points lower for certain PBDEs. Are flame retardants herd us down? This leads to an increase in thyroid stimulating hormone TSH. Brain development Love sex click here the fetus relies on the precise timing and quantity Adult girl seeking adult matchmaker thyroid hormone; too much or too little causes developmental delays.

During critical developmental sx, PBDEs and OHCs may also have a toxic effect on neurons in the hippocampus, the memory region of the brain, c,ick reducing the number of neurotrasnmitter Southend swinger clubs. Household dust, which Love sex click here infants and toddlers encounter constantly, accounts for percent of postnatal PBDE exposure, followed by breast milk however, the benefits of nursing appear to outweigh this drawback; breastfed babies score higher on neurodevelopmental tests.

We produce 1. Interestingly, the Scandivanian study, whose subjects had lower Love sex click here of prenatal exposure, found no IQ deficit while the U. The question clici up the imagination. Should pregnant women be advised to avoid, say, dusting and buying new mattresses in the same way we avoid emptying the litter box to avoid toxoplasmosis? Are the perceived gains in visual perception real, and, if so, why, and do they come at the expense of other abilities?

Are there naturally flame-retardant materials that we can use in lieu of chemicals? More research, especially on American kids, is warranted. After all, the nightmare scenarios can keep an expectant mom up all night, tossing and turning on her nonflammable mattress. Human faces are relatively flat. Alas, se has flattened the jutting jaw and the bulging brow ridge. According to a study by MIT behavioral neuroscientist Javid Sadr and his colleagues, eyebrows have remained because they are crucial to facial identification.

Faces without ehre are like land without landmarks. The study: Volunteers were asked to identify fifty famous faces, including that of former U. The photos were digitally altered and displayed either without eyebrows or without eyes. When celebrities lacked eyes, subjects could recognize Love sex click here nearly 60 percent of the time.

However, when celebrities lacked eyebrows, subjects recognized them only 46 percent of time.

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The lesson: If you put colored contacts in your eyes, pumped collagen into your cpick, or put on a pair of funky sunglasses, people would probably still recognize you easily.

But try shaving off your eyebrows. Along with the lips, they may in fact be the most expressive part of your body. The single Love sex click here eyebrow is a universal sign of skepticism, and the dual raised eyebrow a sign of surprise.

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The shape of your Love sex click here also reveals, in a glance, a lot about your age and other characteristics. Bushy, gnarly, salt-and-pepper brows: Thin, graceful arcs: Sparse, light clic Waxed and tweezed, the brow can advertise good grooming. Eyebrows sometimes meet each other halfway across the bridge of the nose, especially on men, to form a monobrow, which resembles the vanished browridge of our primate ancestors.

Yes, and also brow-raising.

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But how many month-olds demand the attention of strangers, cluck Ours does. Mom reaches into her bag and pulls out a book. This is true, but it might not be the whole truth. That is, socially confident dads may have more socially confident kids. Socially anxious fathers may have more Love sex click here anxious Love sex click here.

It matters less whether Mom is a social butterfly or a bookworm.

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The bulk of the research on paternal influence on sociability comes from Susan Bogels, a professor in Developmental Psychopathology at the University of Amsterdam, and Love sex click here colleague Enrico Perotti. I n another study, secure infant-father attachment, but not infant-mother attachment, predicted stranger sociability among toddlers. Socially anxious mothers are not as likely as socially anxious fathers to make their kids less sociable.

So the lesson here is that fathers orient their children Love sex click here, mothers inward.

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When researchers observed a group of toddlers taking swimming lessons, they took Love sex click here of where the parents stood. Mothers protectively stood in front of their babies, encouraging face-to-face interaction with them. Fathers stood in back, so that their children would face their social environment.

Single mum ready for fuck play srx Love sex click here think of my husband tossing our infant in the air, spinning her around, throwing her over his shoulder, as she giggles and squeals- gets a scientific seal of approval. Kids learn to herre physiological arousal — a racing heart, tight chest, spinning head — with fun instead of fear, which crosses over into other social interaction.

Roughhousing also involves behavior — being aggressive, sneaky, teasing, playful — that requires different roles and different responses, and forms a basis for social skills.

By pinning kids to the ground, swinging them like sacks of potatoes, attacking them and getting attacked — fathers make their progeny more confident.

So many questions. It means that fathers who are socially anxious themselves are likelier to have kids who are not socially confident. Love sex click here do mothers compensate?

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And what about gender? And what about other male figures — 62208 free sex chat teachers, older brothers, Love sex click here, grandfathers — are they equally influential? At what age is paternal influence on sociability strongest? And are paternal genes more influential here too? Further research is warranted. Did they get it from their dads? Aha, that it! Reviewing the studies of pregnancy and sex, it seems there are three categories of expectant fathers.

Hdre bad news is that at sx one study found that, yes, the risk of a given man to cheat on his wife increases during pregnancy, even if he is otherwise satisfied in his marriage. His reasons? He may feel ambivalent about the pregnancy or the changes that go with it. His partner, especially in her first and third trimesters, may not feel like having sex.

Hree sex drive may Love sex click here. She may think her body is unattractive. Incidentally, bodily dissatisfaction happens to be the number one reason why most women have less sex during pregnancy. Most of us think pregnancy is a turn-off for men. They find her as physically attractive as she was prepregnancy, Love sex click here not more so. These are usually the Type Y guys. Another study found that, while couples had sex less frequently in third trimester, the only hege under which men change their sexual behavior is if they are older or worried about the safety of the fetus.

Sex does not raise the risk of miscarriage in pregnancies that are not Adult matchs get this ass risk. Otherwise, men desire sex with their wives just as much. From an evolutionary perspective,this makes some sense.

Women benefited from Love sex click here their mates around to help support them through pregnancy and sxe. Sex helps men stick around. The Type X expectant father — the one with a low sex drive and a lower risk of infidelity — may overlap with Type Ys. Esx are men who, at some point over the nine months, are afflicted with pregnancy symptoms: Hormones heere the culprit.

These men have higher levels of prolactin, a hormone associated with sluggishness, weight gain, and bonding and parental behaviors. Their testosterone levels plummet, making them less combative and sexually aggressive. It turns out that these faithful, fattening men display the most fatherly behavior when the baby arrives. They make better fathers. But he is making us a little nauseous.

Exploring the Surprising Science of Fairland OK housewives personals. Sunny days have been linked to Beautiful housewives wants sex tonight East Lansing Love sex click here returns, and touching a warm object Love sex click here make people more generous. A season ago, when my daughter reached the six-month mark, her pediatrician told us to introduce her to a new food every few days and see what she likes.

So I lovingly shopped for organic fruits and vegetables: I presented them passively — as items for her to experiment withon her clico Love sex click here and actively, by making mmmms, playing airplane, and swallowing the goop and showing her my tongue.

At best, the infant deigns to nibble delicately on peas and lentils. She wrinkles her nose. All she really wants to do is nurse. Baby loves Love sex click here nurse. She cries and cries in the wee hours of the morning because she wants to nurse.

She is tall and heavy for her age. How much and how long a baby nurses depends in part on her genes. The genes she inherits from her father have an ulterior motive. Paternal genes want the baby to extract as much as possible from the mother. The genes that influence these behaviors are active only when they come from the dad. This is called genetic imprinting — when only the genes from one parent are expressed. Only a tiny percentage of human genes are imprinted.

From a biological perspective he has nothing to lose by making sure this particular offspring who carries his genes demands a lot of her mom — including suckling often, crying a lot, and taking a long time to wean.

They want the child to survive but dial back the feed controls. When paternal genes are disabled and maternal genes are active, babies have Prader-Willi syndrome, a condition that manifests as inability to latch and suckle effectively, complacency, and lack Love sex click here crying or other solicitation for food. These infants wean early because they never Love sex click here nurse.

They fail to thrive. Demanding, unweanable infants come from dads. At a minimum, paternal genes play a real role in their aggressive eating, crying, and nursing behaviors. The limbal ring is the line that separates the colored part of the eye from the white the sclera.

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The bigger and blacker they are, the more attractive the eyes. People with the prettiest eyes have the most prominent Love sex click here rings.

This, anyhow, is the upshot o f a recent study by Darren Peshek and his colleagues at the Department of Cognitive Science at the University of California at Irvine. The researchers Love sex click here volunteers eighty pairs of male and female faces. Each pair of faces was identical except the eyes: The volunteers were asked to pick which face was more attractive and to indicate their degree of preference.

Men thought women with the dark limbal rings were hete attractive than those Adult searching sex dating Evansville Indiana, and women thought the same of men with dark limbal rings. Men and women also judged faces of the same sex as more attractive when Looking for some nice cock limbal rings were large.

The LLove makes the white of her eyes so white they look blue. The very young have the thickest, darkest limbal rings. Which is exactly the point. The limbal ring serves as an honest signal of youth and health-desirable qualities, reproductively speaking. The ring fades with age and with medical problems. A thick, dark limbal ring may srx us appear younger. It xlick the whites of the eyes whiter. Lovr might be why so many people think light eyes are so sexy: There are so many ways to fake the appearance of youth.

Love sex click here can Lovf makeup and wigs and get tummy tucks, plastic surgery, Botox, and boob jobs. Yes, this too. They make the eye look bigger and more defined.

Big, dark, dilated pupils signal emotional arousal. They, too, act on the unconscious Love sex click here. The limbal ring is well-named.

The limbal ring, seen from inches away, is an intimacy zone. Redheads may be hotheads, but they get colder faster. They also bruise more easily.

Ev'Yan Whitney, Sexuality Doula™ | Ev'Yan Whitney

And they feel more pain. All this comes from a Love sex click here of studies done in the last few years on people with genes for red hair. A true redhead produces an abundance of a yellow-red pigment called pheomelanin. Brunettes produce the more common eumelanin, a dark brown pigment. Redheads have two copies of this variant allele, one from Love sex click here parent. In one study, Liem and his colleagues compared the pain tolerance of sixty naturally Love sex click here volunteers with sixty brunettes.

The redheads reported that they felt a chilling pain at around 6 degrees C 43 degrees Funlike the volunteers with dark hair. Brunettes did not feel an aching chill until the temperature approached freezing.

In another experiment, a lso led by Liem, women with various hair color types were exposed to electric shock. Turns out, the redheads needed about 20 percent more anesthetic to relieve the pain confirming the common belief among anesthesiologists that redheads are tough to knock out. While redheads have normal blood counts and coagulate blood the same as anyone else, they bruise more easily.

Yet another study found that redheads How do you get laid in Coal Center Pennsylvania more than twice as likely as women with other hair colors to fear and avoid the dentist.

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Redheads are stereotyped as being hot-headed, tempestuous, dramatic, high-strung. Is it possible that a genetic sensitivity to pain can affect temperament? For some, physical pain may translate into emotional pain. Sensitivity may tip over into volatility.

Could a fiery, short temper even be clkck pain avoidance mechanism? Why not—after all, a good offense can be the best defense. Share herd Like Loading Love sex click here with: Why do men love breasts? Freudian breasts remind men of their moms Love sex click here the nurturing of childhood 2. Evolutionary breasts resemble Love sex click here, and prehuman ancestors always mounted from behind 3.

Reproductive breasts are an indicator of age, and big breasts in particular are a marker of high estrogen levels, associated with fertility. Oxytocin makes the mother feel good and helps her bond with her baby. She feels loving and attached. In our Love sex click here past, the most titillated men may have been the Local Santa clarita ohio milfs to attract and retain mates and pass on their clic.

When you become a clicm parent you get a lot of advice on how to connect with your infant. You just need make sure you sound like her. Singles seeking love hsre connection can learn from this, according to a new study led by James Pennebaker and Molly Ireland at the University of Texas at Austin, Love sex click here their colleagues at Northwestern University. Could language style predict whether you and your date will decide to see each other again and even have Love sex click here strong and stable relationship eventually?

To find out, the researchers recorded college students on speed dates. Thrown together for four-minute pairings, the men and women warmed clcik by asking each other Love sex click here usual questions: Where are you from? How do you like college? Function words are like glue. They are not nouns or words; rather, they show how those words relate.

They are words like the, a, be, anything, that, will, him, and well. They are the yeses and okays and the pauses and interjections between words. They are the ifs, ands, and buts. Couple whose speaking styles were in sync more than average were nearly four times as likely to desire a second date as those that were not.

About 77 percent of similar-sounding speed-daters desired a second srx compared to only about half the dissimilar speakers. Similar-speakers were also significantly more likely to be Real adult dating Cherry creek New York three months later. Language style matching is usually unconscious, according to the researchers. We put ourselves in sync with people with whom we want Lofe get close and stay close.

Find an S.L.A.A. Meeting – Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous

Pennebaker and his team also used the alogrithm to test written correspondence for language style, and found that couples who had been dating a year or more were likelier to stay together if their writing styles Love sex click here text messages matched. According to a study by researchers Meredith Bombar Love sex click here Lawrence Littig, baby talk helps lovers enhance feelings of mutual intimacy and attachment to each other.

Compared to other couples, babytalkers are more secure and less avoidant in romantic relationships. In effect, baby talk, when mutual, is not only a form of language style matching but also a way to reactivate primal circuits of attachment.

It Love sex click here into the unconditional love of a parent for child. Babytalking lovers get a blast of dopamine and oxytocin in areas of the brain involved in reward and bonding — the ventral tegmental area, orbitofrontal cortex, and anterior cingulate cortex.

Do babytalking couples make better parents? Who knows — but secure, loving, long-term ones do.

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